Water Damage in Different Areas of the House

Water damaged floor in Dallas TexasWater damage in Dallas is an intense and difficult-to-tackle type of damage, and can be one of the most major disasters possible in a residence or business. Water has the ability to infiltrate even the tightest of corners in a building, and due to its uniquely high surface tension, it does not much like leaving those corners. If not dealt with properly, Dallas water damage can foster mold growth, weaken structures, and lead to much greater damage in the future. As a result, water damage of Dallas is typically best dealt with by professionals, and as quickly as possible.




Typically, you’ll find water damage in the following areas.


Water Damage in the Carpets

Carpeting typically exhibits some of the most visible water damage in the area. Water can cause discoloration and deformed appearance in wet carpeting, and dry, shriveled and brittle appearances after evaporation. Many times, even moderate water damage will require replacement of the carpeting. It is best that this is done as soon as possible, however, as the textured nature of carpeting coupled with organic materials contained within the bristles encourages fairly rapid mold growth, which may cause ill health effects.


Water Damage on the Walls

Visually, water damage from Dallas can be a real blight on walls, especially after a storm when mud and grime can be mixed in with the water. Often, a fresh coat of paint or a new layer of wallpaper is required to remedy these visual issues. However, it is essential to dry out and examine the interior of the walls as well, as these may harbor pockets of water in which mold can grow and stability of the building can be compromised. Get your walls examined as soon as possible by a professional to ensure that they do not have significant interior damage.


Water Damage to Furnishings

Some furnishings can survive significant water damage after heavy rain or flooding in Texas with little more than a cleaning. Others may need full replacement and removal, or may even be destroyed. Typically, electronics and some fabric and wood furniture will be total losses, while metal or plastic appliances such as ovens or refrigerators may survive relatively unscathed. Check with your insurance provider to learn about what furniture you have covered.


Bathroom Fixtures

Water damaged bathroom Dallas TexasBathroom fixtures may have some water damage as well, but typically fare better than other items on this list due to waterproofing and design oriented towards water resistance. In a water damaged bathroom, make sure to check pipes and in cabinets for potential blockages or debris and ensure that it is checked for mold growth in a similar fashion as other regions in the building.


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What Affects Water Damage Restoration Cost?

Dallas Water DamageThe actual task of going about repairing Dallas water damage can appear to be rather expensive at times. The price of the water damage restoration in Dallas takes many things into consideration, such as especially the location of the water damage and the extent of the water damage, along with the types of things that have been damaged, such as wood, sheetrock, fabric or other biodegradable materials that include both paper and cardboard.

Also, another thing that plays into the cost of the water damage restoration of Dallas is how long the place has been in that type of condition. Since if it has been left untreated for a substantial length of time, then there will be the real development of a tremendous amount of mold for sure, which will require a deep cleanup and will require more cleaning solutions and more people on the crew to get rid of the mold. The bigger the mold cleanup, the more it will cost, which is normal, fair and to be expected.

Dallas Roof RepairDuring the restoration process, the professionals will not only repair your home or building, but they will also want to take precautions to help in preventing you from having future water damage of Dallas issues. Sure, this will cost money out of your pocket up front, but this wise water damage prevention will save you some money in the long run. Prevention includes sealants around your doors and windows, checking the roof for holes and checking all pipes for any leaks, rust and weak spots to address any issues accordingly.

Also, the company has to factor in their time, how many were on the crew, the cost of gasoline, and a price for using their equipment to get the job done. All these are normal factors that go along with the price of water damage restoration.